Fethiye Beaches – Oludeniz


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Oludeniz Beach is one of the best places to swim in Fethiye 

The real wealth of Fethiye as a summer travel paradise is its scenic charm and beaches. When you talk about Fethiye beaches, Oludeniz beach comes to mind. The sea, mountains, beaches And islands close in an amazing magnificence. The natural vistas, Fethiye beaches alone will lend a special aspiring to your summer travel. square measure you craving for a edifice on the beach, the sea may be a gorgeous sight at the Sovalye Island and therefore the distinguished beaches of Fethiye. The foremost fashionable natural attractions, Fethiye beaches embrace Oludeniz beach, Belcegiz, Gemiler Islands, Koturumsu, Katranci Bay, Gunluk, Oyuktepe, Gocek and Patara beach…

Fethiye Beaches

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Oludeniz Beach

The Oludeniz beach or Blue lagoon could be a gorgeous expanse of shimmering blue water. Oludeniz beach is the best of the Fethiye Beaches.  Even whereas you satiate your eyes, the calm waters will function a platform for a spread of water activities to boost your travel. Near Oludeniz beach, after a few km, the Patara beach is additionally a spot of unique beauty with its white sand beaches and curious sand dunes. the numerous beaches and bays of Fethiye ar ideal for picnicking and inhabitancy.

Fethiye Beaches, oludeniz beach

OluDeniz beach , a beautiful inland bay with wonderfull beaches that stretches behind the cape, is now closed to yachts. The reason this heavenly place is called Oludeniz (“Sea of the Dead”) is attributed to the following legend;

Once a father and son were caught in a storm here and were in danger of sinking. The son claimed that if they approached the rocks ashore they could take shelter in a cove. The father on the other hand asserted that their ship would be driven onto the rocks and break up and that there were no coves around here anyway. In his terror of running around on the rocks, the father knocked his son (who was at the helm) into the sea with an oar and took over the helm himself. Just as the ship was about to hit the rocks on the cape, she turned into this calm, smooth watered bay. This is the reason they say the bay is called the Sea of the Dead(Oludeniz), whereas what with the pine clad sandy beach stretched out like a tongue, the name “Paradise Bay” would be more fitting.OluDeniz, a beautiful inland bay with wonderfull beaches that stretches behind the cape, is now closed to yachts. The reason this heavenly place is called Oludeniz (“Sea of the Dead”) is attributed to the following legend;

The Blue Lagoon of Oludeniz beach has calm, crytal clear waters which makes it ideal for a variety of water sports and a very safe place for children to swim. Part of the lagoon is now a protected area (and it`s a national park). Oludeniz Beach is surely one of the best beaches in the world. Such clean warm turquoise waters, countless shades of blue, perfect white shingle sand and nothing but sunshine for most of the year – so come and discover it yourself… But Oludeniz beach is not the only beach in this part of the Turquoise Coast, there are other beautiful beaches in the surrounding areas of Fethiye.

Calis Beach

 Besides Oludeniz Beach, Calis, described as 5 km. away from the province and best place to watch sun go down, is one of the most favorite places of the province tourism with its 4 km. of beach, cool wind during hot summer nights, “Caretta Caretta”s, sea appropriate for water sports, numerous qualified resort facilities, restaurants, bars, shopping and transportation possibilities. It is one of the closest Fethiye beaches to the town.

Calis also boasts two very natural attractions – a cooling breeze, perfect for when the local temperatures soar in the summer months, and you can see what the other one is – Calis is famous for some of the most beautiful sunsets in the World.

Calis Beach.

Fethiye Beaches, Butterfly valley

Kelebekler Vadisi (Butterfly Valley) Beach

This interesting canyon, surrounded by 350 m. high mountains, 3 – 4 miles away from Fethiye Beach, Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon), took its name from butterflies named “Jarsey Tiger” seen between July and September months. Arrival to bay, which is an earth paradise with pink  oleander flowers adorning environment and small fall flowing for summer and winter, wide coast, clean sea, glittering pebbles, is maintained from Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon) via ships. Camping area with tents, restaurant, bar, roof, shower, changing  cubicles, etc. possibilities are submitted within the valley which is the meeting place of world wanderers. Step on the beaches :

Fethiye Beaches, katranci bay

Katranci Bay

 It is 17 km. away from the city and on the Mugla Highway. Bay covered with dense pine trees extending till to the sea is an inside forest refreshment area, and is an ideal camping with tents and daily promenade place in which services like shower, WC, changing cubicles, drinking water, buffet, arbor, car parks are submitted

Kucuk Kargi (Gunluk) Beach

 It is 19 km. away from the city on the Fethiye – Mugla highway. Bay adorned with dense daily trees faced very rarely in the world, is a camping and daily promenade area. It is drawing attraction of every national and foreign person with its perfect services and unique nature in which separate beauties are exhibited during each season of the year.

Fethiye Beaches, oyuktepe bayOyuktepe Bays

Kucuk Samanlik, Buyuk Samanlik, Boncuklu, kuleli Aksazlar, Akvaryum, Turunc Pinari etc. natural bays on the peninsula where to big holiday town of the province are present, is a daily promenade place to where regional people are frequently  visits

Kıdrak Beach

 Kidrak is at 3 km. south of Belcegiz. It is an ideal daily resting place with its dense pine trees, clean beach and clear sea. Kidrak is left undisturbed. Like most of the coastline, it is backed by pine forest (a common misconception that Turkey is an arid country is soon disproved upon going to Lycia). A small canyon into the mountains leads through a rustic peasant community, more pine forest and through stunning scenery within the space of 2 miles. You can see herd of mountain goats, but beware of wild bees- don’t lean against the trees!

Beaches of Kidrak:


 It is 30 km. away from province, and on the Fethiye – Mugla highway. Gocek, which has an appearance of a sweet fisherman borough, become one of the most important centers of yachting tourism recently. It is an unique tourism heaven with its numerous  bays and islands, near ruin places and surrounding pine grove hills besides its natural harbor. All kinds of services can be submitted to yachting people within marinas, and if required, they can also accommodate within small sweet facilities, and  enjoy within fish restaurants and bars, and enliven their holidays with daily tours and water sport.

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Fethiye Beaches, gocek

These are the main Fethiye beaches around the region where you can relax yourself. Oludeniz beach is a must to visit in this area.


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