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Pamukkale is a place where you will feel yourself walking over the white clouds. It is one of Turkey’s top attractions and a precious in the world with its cotton-look terraces. It is one of the beautiful places in the world to be seen. The underground water once gave life to the ancient city of Hierapolis now helps Pamukkale Turkey be one of the most important thermal centers of the country.

Tourists and locals visit Pamukkale and Hierapolis frequently not only for its extraordinary look and its ancient history but also for wellness. Scientifically proven to cure many diseases, the waters attract people and there are many thermal hotels in the area that serve 12 months a year.

Denizli is a rapidly growing industrial (especially textile industry) and touristic town with numerous beauties.

pamukkale Turkey, hierapolis, beautiful places in the world

Being a fertile region, the city has always been a center of cradle of civilizations succeeding one another. May civilizations have been settled around the aread which are Luvians, Phrygians, Persians, Greeks and Romans.  They can be counted among the early civilizations; the later ones include the Byzantines, Seljuk and the mighty Ottomans.

Denizli’s popular site Pamukkale is a must-see natural thermal water source and a unique in the world with its calcareous white steps. The ancient sites Laodicea, Tripolis, Hierapolis, Colossae, Eumania, Heraklia Salbace, Tabae, Dionysopolis, Apollon Lermenos Temple, Sebatopolis, Anava, Trapezopolis, Attuda, and Apollonia Salbace are also inside the borders of Denizli city.

Pamukkale & Hierapolis

They are together are both recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1988. They have all the conditions required for an ideal touristic resort. Pamukkale means “Cotton Castle”. Pamukkale is very well known with the entrancing beauty of its unique geological formation and also with its historical remains.

The ancient city of Hierapolis was located on the top of the white terraces and is about 2700 meters long and 160m high. It can be seen from the hills on the opposite side of the valley. It has 14000 year-old existence.

Pamukkale Weather



Hotels in Pamukkale | Cheap flights to Denizli for Pamukkale

Pamukkale Water, One of the beautiful places in the world


Sodium: 23,3 mg , Iron: 0,036 mg, Aluminum: 2,34 mg,  Magnesium: 91,1 mg, Calcium: 363,5 mg, Potassium: 13, 5 mg

Hydro phosphate: 1,08 mg, Hydro carbonate: 1045,3 mg, Nitrate: – , Sulphate: 675,5 mg, Chloride: 53 mg pamukkale Turkey, hierapolis, beautiful places in the world

pamukkale Turkey, hierapolis, beautiful places in the world

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